In 1993 Ferrari established a driving school offering its customers structured teaching and levels of instruction which perfectly match participants' experience and wide range of needs. The two basic principles of Corso Pilota are its state-of-the-art learning technologies and its highly qualified instructors: video and data acquisition systems enhance teaching activities as at the end of each session instructors analyze the collected data with the participants to accurately monitor development. All instructors have previously been professional drivers and possess excellent communication skills and a good command of the English language. The school aims to give participants the tools to best appreciate the technical aspects of Ferrari cars in their natural habitat: the racetrack.



The Corso Pilota Ferrari skillfully blends lifestyle and racing elements to offer participants four very different experiences in terms of difficulty and intensity: the Corso Pilota Sport, Corso Pilota Avanzato, Corso Pilota Evoluzione and Corso Pilota Challenge. Participants begin with the Corso Pilota Sport and then gradually progress to the most advanced level, the Corso Pilota Challege, with each course being a prerequisite for the following one. All courses include class-based lectures, practical activities on the track and review of video and telemetric data. Moreover, each course includes compelling activities created by Ferrari staff to ensure that participants' guests are also kept fully entertained, making the whole experience unforgettable for all, whether on or off the track. 

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